Forest, Music, and Lake Weekend

Forest Summer Fest 2013

This weekend my boyfriend, LL, and I took a trip to check out a music festival in the Bergamo area and the nearby Lake Iseo. Our motive was to see LL's favourite band, i Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti at the Forest Summer Fest in Foresto Sparso. 

Fishermen in Sarnico/Paratico

The music didn't start until 6:00pm, so we checked into our hotel and then drove down to Sarnico/Paratico. Basically on one side of a small bridge is the town of Sarnico and on the other side is the town of Paratico. There were a whole bunch of fishermen casting off the bridge, which reminded me of a scaled down version of the Galata Bridge in Istanbul. I got to partake in one of my favourite Italian pass-times, checking out the "bancarelle" aka market stalls. I'm proud to say I refrained from buying another pair of earrings!

Maria Antonie
Il Pan Del Diavolo
We eventually made our way up to the festival venue and straight to the food/beer line. We ordered a plate of assorted grilled meat and some Belgium beers. The music started with a band called Maria Antonietta whose lead singer is a small girl with a very big voice. We actually sat beside MA while we were having our second meal of the night, piadine! Up next was my personal favourite, Il Pan Del Diavolo. This band is made up of two guys who look like Italian versions of Elvis Presley, their guitars and a bass drum. These guys are 100% rock 'n' roll, from their look to their music. The night ended off with an almost-2-hour performance by i Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti. LL and I finally gave in and bought t-shirts like good groupies!

On Sunday we caught the ferry to Monte Isola from Iseo. I did a bit of research and decided to have lunch on the island. Lunch was a bit of a let down. We ended up having to walk 1.5km from Peschiera Maraglio to a restaurant that actually had a table available in Sensole. We ended up at Ristorante Residenza Vittoria. The food was great, the service was not. We waited over 30 minutes between our first and second courses. Luckily, our fish was fresh and grilled to perfection.

Lago d'Iseo

My favourite thing about going to music festivals is hearing new bands and picking up flyers for other music festivals! We also found out about wine and food evening cruises with music on Lake Iseo, which we look forward to checking out in the near future. Another thing we'd like to do the next time we head in the direction of Bergamo is to bike the Strada del vino Franciacorta. We had a great weekend surrounded by mountains, the lake, and music!