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I have discovered a new store! Well, it's only new to me. & Other Stories actually opened in April. Where have I been?

This place is huge! It's a total of four floors and sells just about everything a woman could need, including clothing, jewellery, bags, shoes, hair accessories, make-up, and even hats. I didn't know where to begin browsing because there were so many items catching my eyes. I managed to scour over each piece of jewellery in the store; it was all so unique. Much of the merchandise was very fashion forward. Some of the clothing looked like things I've only seen during fashion or design week, for example chunky black platform sandals, yet the prices were totally affordable. Even still, I just couldn't bring myself to try on the scuba skirt and matching hoodie in the summer heat! I ended up leaving with a pair of earrings, some hair clips, and nail polish in a colour I've been coveting. 

The friendly salesperson who rang in all my purchases placed the items in a paper bag, and then placed the paper bag in another paper bag. I am not a fan of the unnecessary and wasteful extra paper bag. On further inspection of the outer bag, I discovered that & Other Stories is under the H&M umbrella. That kind of burst my I-found-an-haute-couture-store-with-teacher-budget-prices bubble. Ah well, I'll still be back!

Here are the goods:

All images from the & Other Stories website: http://www.stories.com

Store information:


Corso Vittorio Emanuele 1
Lombardia 20122 Milan



Phone: +39 02 890 963 03

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